What sort of things can I buy at Nash Auctions?
Almost anything! The photos below depict just a scant few of the items we've sold
recently. Over the years tens of thousands of different pieces have come through
our auction. Some every-day and mundane, other exciting beyond our dreams.
Every sale is different and every sale has treasures for someone!
These are just a very few of the things
you might find at almost any of our sales
antique furniture
firearms and ammunition

Please note all sales of
firearms subject to terms of
local, state, and federal law.
Ask our auctioneer for details.
pottery and glassware
tools and equipment
lawn, garden, and even commercial and farm equipment
cars, trucks, trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles
as may be found in the various estates we sell
coins and currency
antiques and collectible items
of all kinds
To see what's coming up for sale at our future events just click the "scheduled events"
link on our home page. There's always something interesting at Nash Auctions!
Nash Auctions Inc.
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South Mills, NC 27976
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Auctioneer: Ted Nash
NCAL 7648
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References available on request
phone: 252.771.5583 or 252.340.3313