This is how it works on sale days at Nash Auctions Inc.
When you first arrive at our sale site you're likely to see a crowd of folks milling around, visiting one with
another, or looking over the merchandise to be sold. Many of them are regular attendees. We have lots of
people who almost never miss a sale and you'll probably get to know and recognize many of them soon. But
maybe this is your first time here, or perhaps even your first auction. It can be a little confusing and for some,
even intimidating. It doesn't have to be. Let's take a slow walk through the process.

You've probably seen our advertising, either on line or in the newspaper. That details a few of the items up for
sale, bur never anywhere near all of them. That's why we always provide a preview time before the sale begins.
For sales held at our auction house preview is usually scheduled for the afternoon prior to the sale and again
on sale day for about an hour before selling begins. We recommend that you take advantage of the preview
periods. There's a lot to see and you'll want to satisfy yourself as to the condition of any items in which you
may have interest. Remember, once you've bought an item, it's yours. There are no returns or refunds at

You'll need to visit our office to register as a bidder for the sale. That requires a valid photo ID. Once
registered you'll be issued a card with your bidder number. In order to bid on any item simply hold that card
up high in the air. The auctioneer will see it and recognize your bid. It's important to note here that all of our
auctioneers call bids in the English language, not some rapid fire sing-song dialect that no one understands.
You'll have no trouble at all understanding them. If you scratch your nose or swat at a fly, that won't be taken
as a bid. Our auctioneers don't try to "run you up" over a cough or sneeze. If you're bidding and think the
auctioneer doesn't see you, then call his name, yell HEY!, or get his attention otherwise. This will not make him
angry. Our firm works on commission and we don't ever want to miss a bid.

Just before the beginning of the sale the auctioneer will make announcements that specify the terms of sale.
It's a good idea to arrive early enough to hear them, especially if you're new to auctions. Terms are generally
the same at all auctions, but there may be special terms or conditions pertaining to items such as vehicles,
firearms, or other goods that may be present.

Items for sale in our auction house are numbered and are generally sold in numerical order. That said, we
sometimes skip around as we may have advertised certain items to be sold at a particular time, collectible
coins, vehicles, and firearms for example, as many bidders may be interested solely in those items.

When bidding has ended items are declared "sold to number so and so".  Until sold, all merchandise on the
sale site is our responsibility. Once sold however, those items become the property and responsibility of the
winning bidders. It's a good idea to gather up small items off the sale tables into boxes or totes to prevent
them from becoming lost or damaged. You are expected to pay for any and all items sold to your bidder
number. That's why the preview is so important and why you should take control of your goods as soon as

When the day is done or you've bought all you intend to buy simply pay another visit to our office to settle up
your account. Sales conducted in our building are clerked on computer, so you'll receive an invoice detailing
your purchases and the total amount paid. Sales conducted away from our building are clerked on paper, so
there you'll receive a stack of small receipt tickets, one for each item purchased. Payment may take the form of
cash, good check, Mastercard, or Visa.

You should come to the auction with a vehicle sufficient to carry your intended purchases. We generally expect
you to remove all of your merchandise from the sale site on the day of sale unless you've made prior
arrangements with our auctioneer for pick up at a later time.

The last thing you should know is that you're expected to have fun while you're here with us. We think
auctions are exciting and enjoyable events. There's a lot of activity to see. There are wonderful people in
attendance, and you have the opportunity to go home with some really nice things. Is it any wonder that Nash
Auctions Inc. is the social hub of Camden County on any given auction Saturday?
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