Why should I sell my goods at Nash Auctions?
That's a great question and there are lot's of good answers.
Let's look at a few!
There's the time factor. When you sell a
quantity of items for yourself staging,
advertising, and the actual selling process may
require days or even weeks. Our auction brings
motivated buyers together in one place at one
time, usually resulting in the sale of your
merchandise in a single day
There's the money factor. We
handle all of the financial
arrangements, accepting cash,
bank cards, and checks. That
makes it easier for people to
buy your goods. And because
an auction is a competitive
venue, bidders will drive the
sale prices up instead of you
having to haggle and cut
prices to make a sale. You'll be
paid promptly, and can smile
all the way to the bank.
There's the safety factor.
Selling for yourself usually
means bringing strangers to
your home. When you sell
with us there will never be a
stranger knocking at your door.
There's the issue of security. Selling on line or
from your home frequently means publishing
your name, address, and contact information
to the public. Selling with us means that your
confidentiality is protected. Buyers need never
know your identity of the circumstances
surrounding the sale of your goods.
Selling with us is convenient. We'll work
with you to schedule a time to pick up your
merchandise or you can bring it in to us at
our auction house. Heavy lifting can be
eliminated. No need for you to set up your
goods on display, store them, or move
them ever again!
Perhaps the best reason to consider using our services is our people. Folks who have done
business with us in the past will tell you that no one will treat you more honestly and fairly or will
work harder to get your goods sold than Ted and Brenda Nash. They believe that the only thing
they have worth keeping is their reputation.

Please give us a call whenever you have items of value to sell and find out how we can help you!
Nash Auctions Inc.
947 N. NC Hwy 343
South Mills, NC 27976
NC Auction Firm 9615
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Auctioneer: Ted Nash
NCAL 7648
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References available on request
phone: 252.771.5583 or 252.340.3313